About The Artist

David Scott McCurry is an interdisciplinary artist who works primarily in traditional mediums and found object assemblage. His life and work experience extends to the African continent where he has lived in The Gambia (1980-83), Malawi (1988-91) and Namibia (1995-98).

David studied painting and drawing with the late Miguel Angel Argüello in California. Miguel was a student of Antonio Lopez Garcia in Madrid and the work of these contemporary Spanish realists has influenced David's artwork greatly. David has also studied painting with the late Kay Chiromo and stone sculpture with Berlings Kaunda in Malawi, Africa and recently been mentored by the painter Michael Brodeur in South Carolina. David's wife, Bonnie Mullinix, is also an artist.

His work builds an autobiographical narrative of place and history, often focused on architectural and natural subjects in the many locations of his life/work. David is also an academic scholar and former tenured associate professor in the fields of image-based qualitative social research, media and technology in education. His past scholarly work influences his art by contributing to an ethnographic narrative built around the locations and subjects of his painting.